I'm Jasmin, a 30-something re-married mother of three. My family life is hectic with three not-so-little people. We like to travel, try new foods, and explore new cultures. I love baking, reading, and writing. I also love connecting with other people and sharing stories and ideas! I truly believe that our lives are enriched by each other. I am super excited to meet you and hear your story!


My Goal

I truly believe that life is messy, yet beautiful. We're all imperfect people trying to live the best lives we can, and this means that sometimes we make mistakes. What makes this difficult is the image of perfection we're surrounded by in our culture. Sometimes we feel like our mistakes somehow make us less than we are. I want to strip ourselves of those unrealistic expectations. I want to create a platform where people can speak freely about their struggles without judgement, and embrace their victories without criticism. I want to create a safe space where it is O.K. to admit some days we're merely surviving, and support one another, because we all deserve that.